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Pulled me through a difficult time

“I am very grateful to peer support, they have pulled me through a very difficult period of time. The online activities have been fantastic, they help me a lot as I am not always able to go out and I always feel uplifted after attending.”

Full of positive energy

“I had therapeutic meetings with a young, wonderful, professional therapist. After therapeutic meetings with her, I returned to work, I am full of positive energy, full of joy and willingness to live a happy life. Thank you for having such good therapists.”

Friendly, understanding, calming and helpful

“My therapist was friendly, understanding, calming and helpful. Took things at my pace without rushing me and would always stop and check throughout sessions that I had fully understood what we had just discussed and answer any questions.”

I looked forward to attending the workshops

“The lessons and the interaction with the group made me more aware of myself as a person and also dealing with others. The teachers are very knowledgeable, informative, patient and compassionate and that made me comfortable. I looked forward to attending the workshops.”

Having fun is a good way of learning and gaining more confidence

I think it’s important for women to have their stories heard in a space that is safe. The church venue is good. Today made me remember who I was before my stroke. It was a nice reminder of who I was before. The speakers and staff were great. There needs to be more women’s creative […]

I liked the homework that CBT provided as completing it made me feel like I was being proactive in my recovery

“I found my sessions with the therapist to be very helpful. It was comforting at a time when I really needed support. I was reluctant to finish but at the same time I felt that she had provided me with all the tools I needed to carry on my journey alone and knew that the […]

I was able to accept that my life experience had been very different to most people’s

One of the main reasons I went to therapy was because I had been struggling a lot with the fact that I had missed so much of my education. This made me feel like I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t able to deal with my illnesses or accomplish the same academic achievements as those […]

I had a great and positive experience

I had a great and positive experience. The experience with Robin was life-changing, I was treated respectfully and the sessions were very fruitful. I received support with CVs, interview coaching and covering letters. After several months, I finally got a job and started working again after 5 years of unemployment! I feel that I bonded […]

It was very comforting at a time when I really needed support

I found my sessions with the therapist to be very helpful. It was comforting at a time when I really needed support. The therapist inspired me to find solutions to my problems by helping me deal with them in a positive way and breaking them down into smaller parts. Instead of just passively listening, she […]

A massive thank you for all of your support

A massive thank you for all of your support that I have received in this stressful period of my life, it has made going back into work more manageable and helped me to prepare for it. Having someone there on the morning of my first day back at work after being off sick for many […]

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