Covid-19 Service Update

The Navigator Team are still accepting referrals and all of their work is being done over the phone. They are currently offering up to four telephone sessions for eligible clients OR signposting people who are not eligible for the service but need some support with finding out the most up-to-date and relevant information for them.

This is not an emergency or crisis service and it operates with a waiting list. They will be in touch with you as soon as they can.

Who do Community Living Well Navigators help?

Community Living Well Navigators are for people over 16 who experience mental health problems whilst under the care of their GP, and their carers.

Navigators can offer practical support with a range of issues and support you to access specialist advice, information and other services.

What support do Community Living Well Navigators offer?

Community Living Well Navigators offer short term support, usually up to six sessions. They can work with you, your GP and other professionals in a number of ways including:

  • Practical support with a range of issues e.g. benefits, debt, housing options, access to health and social care services and other rights and entitlements
  • Support to access specialist advice and information
  • Support to take steps to improve physical and mental wellbeing
  • Link you to Talking Therapies, Employment and Peer Support where this is helpful.

Navigators can help you to:

  • Identify the areas you would like support with
  • Set out what you would like to achieve
  • Explore your options
  • Create a Wellbeing Plan, led by you, detailing how your needs can be met, who will support you and how
  • Offer practical support to help you access the right services and support based on your needs, preferences and the options available to you
  • Coordinate care and support to help you to achieve your goals.

Navigators can support you to speak up for yourself and make your own decisions.

How to access Community Living Well Navigators

You canĀ refer yourself by contacting Community Living Well or completing the form on this website. Alternatively you can ask your GP or other professional involved in your care to refer you to Community Living Well Navigators. For our list of eligible GP practices please click here.

How to contact Navigators

Navigation is delivered by SMART, St Mary Abbotts Rehabilitation Trust in partnership with Kensington and Chelsea Social Council and can be contacted as follows:

The best way to contact Navigator Support is by referring yourself to Community Living Well using the online form. You can also call on:

Tel: 020 3317 4200

You could also write to Community Living Well at: