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About us


Community Living Well brings together a range of health care professionals who have specialist skills in working with people who have mental health needs. This community mental health service aims to deliver excellent integrated, recovery focused and evidence-based health and social care.

Community Living Well offers a different kind of mental health support. It makes it easy for you, and anyone who cares for you, to access a wide range of clinical and wellbeing services.

The services on offer include:

  • clinical services, such as NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT)
  • wellbeing services, such as peer support groups, self-care and practical support with employment, debt, housing and benefits issues
  • Community Mental Health Hubs, giving you access to specialist mental health support.

Find out how we can help.

How we can help

If you need urgent support with a #mentalhealth crisis during the weekend, help is available

Contact the CNWL NHS Single Point of Access (SPA) on 0800 0234 650 (24/7)

We also have a list of contacts on our website:

The Autumn/Winter 2021 edition of our magazine is available to read online now!

Includes real-life stories, local specialist services, practical advice on where to get support with benefits and employment, and more.

Read now:


Our weekly Living Well Workshops help you to develop skills and knowledge to manage the stresses and difficulties in your life.

Next week's topic is Goal-Setting & Problem Solving

Find all the details at:

#MentalHealth #wellbeing

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What people say about us

Coming out to the Peer Support meet-ups reduces my isolation

Being with others who have a shared experience of depression is helpful because people there have lower expectations of me, they are less judgemental than others and we help each other, by sharing our experiences of depression and anxiety. The groups don’t make demands of me and that helps when I’m depressed – I have problems with personal obligation. Coming out to the meet-ups reduces my isolation and keeps me active. By helping others, I feel like I am helping myself.

Peer Support Attendee

Having someone who could listen to me was very beneficial

After having therapy with Community Living Well I feel a lot better in myself, much more settled and comfortable. Getting things off my chest and having someone who would listen to me was very beneficial as I felt like I had been living in my own head. I was aware of techniques such as writing things down and talking to people I trusted but these weren’t actions that I had ever implemented in the past.


Psychological Therapy Service client

SMART St Mary Abbots Rehabilitation and Training