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Information for health professionals

This page provides information for health professionals, GPs, community organisations and referrers. Please see below for information on referral criteria.

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How To Refer

Referring into Community Living Well Talking Therapies and Wellbeing Services

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For external professional referrals:

please download this referral form and send by email to:

[email protected] for NHS Talking Therapies

[email protected] for wellbeing services

For internal Community Living Well professional referrals:

please download this referral form and send by email to:

[email protected] for NHS Talking Therapies

[email protected] for wellbeing services


People can also refer themselves to Community Living Well Talking Therapies, Peer Support, Navigators, Employment support and Self-Care using the online form. A downloadable version of this form is also available.

How will we process your referral?

We aim to contact people within five working days of receipt of referral.

Who can be referred?

Community Living Well services are available to people who are:

  • Registered with a GP in Kensington and Chelsea or Queen’s Park and Paddington
  • Aged 16 and over (some services are for 18+)
  • Have a serious, stable or common mental illness
  • Are a carer of someone who meets the above criteria.

Please note that NHS Talking Therapies do not accept referrals for people who are currently being supported in Secondary Care with the exception of people who have been identified for transfer and require support from Community Living Well to support transition.

If you would like to discuss a referral, please see your GP or contact us.

Urgent referrals

Community Living Well does not offer same-day support in an emergency. If you need to refer someone in an emergency, then please do so using the CNWL Single Point of Access which can be contacted on 0800 0234 650 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year.

How do we work with other professionals?

Community Living Well aims to ensure that the support offered to people using the service is well coordinated by working with other professionals where we have been given consent to do so.

GPs are central to the Community Living Well model of care and we aim to work together following referral. We will provide information about the care received by Community Living Well and will contact the GP if needed. If someone referred is not suitable for the service, we will discuss this with the GP and a plan will be agreed. They may be referred onto the appropriate service with agreement of the GP. For our list of eligible GP practices please click here.

Leaflets and Resources

Do you want to refer yourself to Community Living Well?

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