Wellbeing Services

If you experience any problems using this form, complete this downloadable version and email it to [email protected]. You can also call us on 020 3317 4200 for assistance.

Which part of Community Living Well Service would you like to refer yourself to?

Advice, guidance and support to gain or retain paid employment, improve employability skills and know your rights in the workplace.

Practical support with a range of issues, including benefits and debt; support to access specialist advice and information and to take steps to improve your wellbeing.

Local workshops, social activities, peer support groups and one-to-one support with other people who have had similar experiences to you

Self Care

For the self-care options, please only select two of the services. We are currently dealing with a high volume of self-care referrals so the more choices you select, the longer it will take for us to process your referral. Thank you for your cooperation.

On-going weekly groups, courses, monthly sessions and one-off workshops and events to help you build confidence, connect with others, and learn something new. Activities in-person at the centre, or online.

A service ONLY FOR Arabic (Moroccan and Sudanese dialects), Farsi, French, Somali and Spanish speakers that includes one-to-one emotional support and help with practical problems. (Please select your language below) 

20-minute 1:1 seated massage, or reflexology Meditation sessions via phone or self-care treatment for pain and restricted movement via video call.

Activity group for women of diverse backgrounds to explore the stories behind their favourite recipes with others in the community.

A community play-reading programme that is a fantastic opportunity to meet other local people and explore different stories and characters. 

Privacy Policy

As a partnership of a number of different organisations, Community Living Well is committed to keeping any information you share with us private and secure. Please click here to read our Privacy Notice