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Month: April 2022

MHAW Keeping People Connected Campaign

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 was loneliness. To support the week, Community Living Well ran its own campaign, ‘Keeping People Connected’. We wanted to highlight all of the incredible organisations in our local community who work to keep people connected and combat loneliness. We asked people in the community to record a […]

Talking Therapies: Amal’s Story

Amal, who is a part of the local Muslim community, had been struggling with difficult feelings for a while, but she didn’t know why or how to cope with them. She had tried to seek help before but could not find someone who understood her situation, and it ended up making her feel worse. Determined […]

Stress Awareness Month 2022

We all face many challenges in life, which can cause us stress, worry and anxiety. During this Stress Awareness Month, be aware of how you are feeling and use the advice below to try and help reduce your level of stress. How to cope with stress You may find yourself worrying about a range of […]

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