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I liked the homework that CBT provided as completing it made me feel like I was being proactive in my recovery

“I found my sessions with the therapist to be very helpful. It was comforting at a time when I really needed support. I was reluctant to finish but at the same time I felt that she had provided me with all the tools I needed to carry on my journey alone and knew that the rest of the work had to come from me.”

“With my therapists help, I learnt how to identify the negative voice inside of me. I began to recognise that the bad thoughts had been weighing me down were a separate part of me rather than a reflection on who I was as a person. I was able to put up a barrier to stop them from getting in and I am now aware it’s just a voice that I don’t have to listen to.”

Author: Michelle Jackson
Posted on: 4th March 2020

SMART St Mary Abbots Rehabilitation and Training
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