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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday 15 to Sunday 21 May and the theme is ‘anxiety’. Anxiety is a natural emotion that all of us experience at different times throughout our lives. But sometimes our anxiety can get out of control and become a mental health problem. Signs of anxiety You may […]

Why am I feeling so tired?

If you are feeling tired and sluggish, and finding it hard to motivate yourself to work or keep active, you are not alone! Last week, The Times highlighted a study published by UCL, which found that we have reached a state of peak demotivation. The UCL Covid-19 Social Study has been following 70,000 people over […]

The Winter 2020 Magazine is now available!

A very warm welcome to the Winter 2020 edition of the Community Living Well magazine (and excitingly the first one of the year and decade). As we navigate our way through the shorter, colder winter days, you may feel a dip in your mood. It’s normal for us to feel down in winter.  But if […]

World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness day! Have you ever heard of the phrase kindness makes the world go round? Well it turns out that beyond the warm glow and increase in wellbeing, spreading kindness may even help us live longer! To find out more, read the World Kindness Day BBC article that explores new scientific research […]

Bonfire Night Preparations

While many will enjoy the Bonfire Night celebrations tonight, the sights, smells and sounds may revive traumatic and frightening memories for some people. Central North West London NHS Trust (CNWL)  have published guidelines for those impacted or affected by Grenfell on how to prepare for this evening’s fireworks displays which can be found here.

Every Mind Matters Platform

Good mental health and well-being is crucial. It means we’re able to lead happy and healthy lives. Yet it’s possible that any one of us can be affected by poor mental health and well-being at any point. We’re supporting Every Mind Matters, a new mental health platform launched by Public Health England in partnership with […]

Autumn 2019 Magazine

  Welcome to our Autumn 2019 Magazine! We all experience times when we’re struggling or not coping as we might like, or where our circumstances and life events make things extremely difficult and challenging. It’s part of life, and it’s OK to not be OK. We understand that searching for mental health support may not […]

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