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Housing regulations: do the changes affect me?

A couple seem stressed as they read the latest housing regulations

Housing regulations: What’s changed and how does it affect me?

Dealing with changing housing regulations can be extremely stressful. Our Navigators have provided some information and advice to support you during this difficult time.

During the first lockdown in Spring/Summer 2020, the Government put measures in place to protect tenants from eviction. These were lifted on 20 September 2020, meaning the courts could hear applications for repossession orders.

The same protection has been put in place for the latest national lockdown, meaning renters will continue to be protected from eviction.

The extension to the legislation ensures that bailiffs do not serve eviction notices, except in the most serious circumstances. The only exceptions to this are illegal occupation, false statement, anti-social behaviour, perpetrators of domestic abuse in the social sector, where a property is unoccupied following death of a tenant and serious rent arrears greater than 6 months’ rent.

This legislation will be in place until the end of 21 February 2021 and will be kept under review.

Read the latest guidance for landlords and tenants at

If you Receive Notice

Receiving a notice to quit can be very scary but there are things you can do and help is available. It is important not to ignore the notice but to seek help as soon as you receive it. Your local council has a duty to prevent homelessness so you can approach them for support. They will check the validity of the notice document and can offer to negotiate with your landlord, perhaps to agree a payment plan if there are rent arrears, so you can stay in the property, or help you find somewhere else to live.

If your social housing landlord is serving notice due to rent arrears or ASB you can negotiate a repayment plan with them to reduce the arrears or enter into an ASB agreement. This will allow you to stay in the property as long as you abide by the agreement.

If you are experiencing some of the issues mentioned…

The Navigation team are currently working remotely and are not taking face-to-face appointments but they may be able to support you remotely via telephone and online services.

To refer to our Navigator service, please complete this online referral form or call 020 3317 4200.

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Author: Stewart Gillespie
Posted on: 22nd January 2021

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