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Will definitely recommend the service to a friend!

I wasn’t new to counselling when I had group sessions with the Mother Tongue Counselling Service, but it was still a new experience for me. I was looking for someone who listens to what I have to say and respond without being pushy, and that’s what I got. The facilitator brought in interesting topics of discussion, paid attention to us individually and showed us our options. I was able to make changes and have some conversations with my family which I had always been avoiding. We were always reminded of the choice of self-referral, if need be. The handouts, booklets and emails which were distributed, especially after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, have been extremely handy and helpful. Will definitely recommend the service to a friend!

Author: Stuart Dent
Posted on: 24th August 2017

SMART St Mary Abbots Rehabilitation and Training
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