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Support during the Coronavirus outbreak

During the coronavirus outbreak we are here to provide support for those who are self-isolating or anxious about the impact of the virus on themselves and their families and loved ones.

Here are some helpful things you can do to help you manage during this difficult time.

Make a schedule

Keeping a routine can be a really useful way to stay active, and have control over your day. Think about writing up a timetable to put on the wall, and write out what activities you will do throughout the day. It’s important to include things that will be enjoyable, calming, as well as productive.

Keeping healthy

Take care of your basic needs; get rest and eat healthily. Remember, exercise is good for your physical health, and it can also boost your mood. You can still go outside for one form of exercise, just remember to practice social distancing and keep 2 metres apart.

Finding calm

It may be useful to write down all the questions you have, and look for the answers from reliable sources such as the NHS and Finding things that are comforting to us can help with being calm and relaxed. You can find free phone apps and tools such as Calm which helps with relaxation, or Chill Panda relaxation for children, MeeTwo, a safe space for teenagers to share, and Every Mind Matters for adults.

A positive note

It’s important to remember that there is hope and people are getting together at difficult times to support each other. End your day on a positive note, by spending a few minutes before bedtime to tell each other in person, by phone or even write in a journal something positive that happened in the day – or something positive you hope will happen in future.

Our Talking Therapies team are here to help with problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, and we will continue to accept referrals and offer support. We are providing brief focused interventions to people by telephone or video call and the option of online treatments. If you would like to refer to the service, please complete the self-referral form.

This resource was originally published by Central North West London NHS. Download the resource here. This document is also available in other languages, large print, Braille, and audio format upon request. Please email [email protected]

Author: Michelle Jackson
Posted on: 19th May 2020

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