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Pilot Mental Health Programme for Young People

Pilot mental health programme for young people: Teenage boy sitting in his bedroom looks anxious as he rests his head in his hand

Community Living Well Pilot Mental Health programme for young people aged 19-24 with mental health needs

Re-discovering Touch

The Community Living Well Self-Care service is trialling a new programme for young people aged 19-24, which will run until the end of August. Six participants will take place in workshops, supported by two trainers, to allow a feeling of safety. The workshops are aimed at young people aged 19-24 with mental health needs (in Primary Care), and who are registered with a GP in Kensington & Chelsea, Paddington or Queen’s Park.

The pilot mental health programme will include:

  • A two-part series of (2) workshops
  • Seated massage or reflexology sessions for participants through our current Unwind project
  • 1:1 phone-guided meditation, or phone or online motivational coaching.

The two-part interactive workshops will explore breath work, meditation skills and the power of touch, as a way to reconnect with the recovery in each of us, building a bridge between mind and body to increase confidence and capacity for decision making.

Both workshops will begin with an introduction to breathing/body-scan/meditation, in different positions (lying down, sitting, standing and moving), with discussion on how these affect the body. We break for lunch and offer a light lunch to participants.

The second part of workshop one will be a practical session, guided by a qualified trainer. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn about touch, with discussion and feedback on how the touch feels and how it affects the body locally or also mentally or emotionally. Participants do not have to take part in the practical element if they do not wish to, but can observe and learn instead.

The session will close with a short meditation.

The second part of workshop two will introduce light touch, followed by learning, giving and receiving a mini massage routine, blending the two types of touch to enable participants to explore the contrast of these – a chance to feedback and a short meditation to close.

Our current Unwind project has been extremely popular.

One participant said, β€œIt wasn’t long after the reflex session in October that I began to feel ok. Since then, over the past month, I haven’t been feeling down, just average – which is brilliant.”

Clients have also benefitted from phone meditation. We believe that motivational coaching may also be of benefit to this group.

How to register

To register for this service, you must be aged 19-24 and registered with a GP in Kensington & Chelsea, Queen’s Park or Paddington. Complete this form and return it to [email protected]

Author: Stewart Gillespie
Posted on: 7th June 2021

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