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Coping with Christmas

coping with Christmas: lonely woman wearing a face mask

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this year’s festive season is looking quite different to usual. The unexpected changes to lockdown restrictions made on Saturday 19 December may have caused you more worry and stress during an already uncertain time.

Coping with Christmas

If you cannot celebrate this festive season how you usually would, or if you’re unable to see friends or family, Mind have put together some tips on coping with Christmas:

Focus on what you enjoy

– make where you live feel like a nice environment by putting up decorations or photos, or simply tidying up

– plan to enjoy your favourite food or drink on Christmas day

– spend the day doing things you enjoy

Connect with others

– arrange to talk to people over the phone or via video call. You could organise an activity like a quiz

– go online and connect with other people who might be spending Christmas alone. You could try Mind’s online community, Side by Side

– engage with your local community. Some local events might not be happening, but you may be able to find virtual events to join

Choose to not celebrate, if that feels easier

– tell others about your plans so they know whether or not to mention Christmas

– exchange any gifts in advance

– stay off social media and try to avoid festive adverts on TV or online

– eat the same foods and do the same activities as you would any other day

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Author: Stewart Gillespie
Posted on: 21st December 2020

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