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March Peer Support Calendar

March Peer Support Calendar

March Peer Support Calendar

Welcome to the March Peer Support Calendar!

We have a wide range of activities and groups on offer for our members. Highlights include a Storytelling Workshop at the Queen’s Gallery, a weekend visit to Kensington Palace and exploring the British Museum.

We’re also pleased to offer a Living Well Workshop on Self-Compassion. If you’ve ever criticised yourself or felt inadequate, this workshop will explore how it can easily happen for many people and the impact it has on our emotional wellbeing. You will also practice some skills and strategies that you can use to develop kinder ways of relating to yourself. Find out more and how you can reserve your place in the calendar.

As always, all our groups are underpinned by the Five Ways to Wellbeing: Active, Connect, Give, Learn and Notice.

Download the March Peer Support calendar here.

New Members

Are you new to Peer Support and looking for company this winter? Join a friendly Peer Support group and connect with like-minded individuals in an enriching and positive wellbeing environment.

If you are just starting to find your feet in the service, we understanding that joining new people at our groups can feel daunting. To help joining be less stressful and reduce your worries, we can offer you a one-to-one introductory meeting on a Monday Afternoon at the Community Hub at St. Peter’s Church, Kensington Park Road, W11 2PN.

Afterwards, you will also have the opportunity to experience our weekly hub. This Monday group is a place for laughter, music, companionship, light snacks and a warming cuppa. If having a slot with a Peer Support coordinator could help you to try out our service, please email us at [email protected].

We hope you enjoy our March Peer Support Calendar. To attend a Peer Support group or book a one-to-one introductory meeting you must be registered with Peer Support. To refer yourself please complete this quick online form or call 020 3317 4200.

Find out more about Peer Support.

Author: Michelle Jackson
Posted on: 25th February 2020

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