Covid-19 Service Update (updated 25/03/2022)

Due to Coronavirus, Self-Care services have changed the way they are being delivered:

  • Wellbeing Workshops and Volunteering Opportunities –We offer a mix of self-care, creative and social workshops and events. Our programme also includes group Wellbeing Walks and volunteering opportunities.
  • Clement James Wellbeing Programme – offers a variety of group sessions and one-to-one appointments, for those looking for support with employment, advice and guidance, and wellbeing. Our wellbeing programme includes a variety of ongoing groups, courses, and one-off workshops and events at our friendly centre. A great chance for you to learn something new, build confidence, relax and connect with others.
    Please note that although we offer a range of community wellbeing activities, we are not able to provide therapeutic support. Our employment support programme focuses on helping those who are currently unemployed achieve their training or employment goals, although we do offer limited alternative support for residents in work.
    Stay most up-to-date with what we are currently running via our websitenewsletter and  instagram account.
  • Well Read – Play reading sessions will continue to be offered online through Zoom on Tuesdays and Fridays. We have now resumed in-person sessions which are happening frequently in the borough. Contact us for most up-to-date details.
  • Emotional 1:1 support in your language – The BME forum offers a support package service available in Arabic (Moroccan and Sudanese dialects), Farsi, French and Somali. This service usually consists of 5 sessions offered over the phone.
  • Massage Therapy – Due to current restrictions the massage team can offer a 20-minute 1:1 seated massage, or reflexology Meditation sessions via phone or self-care treatment for pain and restricted movement via video call.
  • My Recipe, My Story – My Recipe, My Story is providing support to their current clients. You may register your interest in joining the service for when sessions are back up and running.

Online Services

The following services are currently being offered online or over the phone:

  • Self-Care/mobility/self-massage via video sessions, mobilisation, guided self-massage, stretching, rehabilitation for pain and range of movement
  • Guided meditation/relaxation, 1:1 sessions via video/phone/WhatsApp
  • Welfare Call – 20-min Check-in and Chat to patients to see that they are ok, general chat

What is Self-Care ?

Self-Care is an approach to health and wellbeing which helps you to keep yourself well.

Can the Self-Care services help me?

The Community Living Well programme helps people to take more control of their mental health and physical wellbeing, and build social contact with access to community, leisure, education, arts and volunteering opportunities. There is a range of different Self-Care services that can be accessed through Community Living Well. Details of each are listed below, including contact details for further information.

How can I sign up to a Self-Care service?

You can refer to the self-care services via this referral form.

Community Living Well Self-Care Services

Wellbeing Workshops and Volunteering Opportunities*

*Referrals to this service are currently closed

Meet people, share skills and interests and improve your wellbeing through workshops and volunteering tailored to your needs. At the Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea we build your programme around you and what you like! Our online Wellbeing Workshops include Managing Anxiety and Worry, Relaxation Techniques, Healthy Eating and Cook and Chat, and Wellbeing Art – you can join in and have a chat, or just listen. They also have Wellbeing in Nature group walks in local beauty spots.

By appointment: Contact Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea

Organisation: Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 8960 3722

The ClementJames Centre

The ClementJames Centre welcomes you to our wellbeing programme. We offer an employment, advice and wellbeing service, which includes a range of group activities and 1:1 support. Take part in a variety of one-off workshops, ongoing activities and events at our friendly centre. A great chance for you to build confidence, relax and connect with others.

By appointment: Contact The ClementJames Centre for a telephone assessment


Further Information
Organisation: The ClementJames Centre
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 7221 8810

Emotional and Practical Help in your Language

A service offered only for Arabic (including Moroccan and Sudanese dialects), Farsi, French and Somali speakers to provide emotional support and help with practical problems, including help to access other services.

By appointment: Contact BME Health Forum

Over the phone or online

Further Information
Organisation: BME Health Forum
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07958 479 217

Massage and Reflexology

In partnership with Community Massage London, SMART is offering centre-based therapies to help you relax and unwind. Therapies on offer include Indian head massage, reflexology and seated massage. Click to see the flyer for more details.

When and Where

By appointment

Further Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07544 108 406 or 07790 115  491. Please leave a message if you can’t get through or send a text or book online here 

My Recipe, My Story

Based at St Jude’s Hall, this activity group for women of diverse backgrounds provides a space to explore the powerful stories that are at the heart of your favourite recipes with others in the community.

By appointment: Contact Central London Youth Development


Picnics, walks or over the phone

Further Information
Organisation: Central London Youth Development
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07903 865 156

Well Read

Well Read is a community play-reading programme that is open to all. It’s a brilliant way to meet other local people and read different stories in a friendly and supportive environment. You’ll explore different characters and worlds, all in the company of one The Playground’s fantastic team.

By appointment: Contact Playground Theatre

Online or at the Playground Theatre, 8 Latimer Industrial Estate, Latimer Rd, London W10 6RQ

Further Information
Organisation: Playground Theatre
Email: [email protected]