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Primary Care Liaison

Who does Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison help?

Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison is for people over 18 who experience mental health problems whilst under the care of their GP, and who may benefit from extra structured support from a mental health professional.

It is a nurse-led service supported by Consultant Psychiatrists who can both offer support to you or to GPs where this is required.

What support does Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison offer?

Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison offers short term support, usually up to six sessions. They can work with you, your GP and other professionals in a number of ways including:

Primary Care Liaison Workers can help you to:

How to access Primary Care Liaison

You will need your GP to refer you to this part of Community Living Well if they think you might benefit from extra help or advice. It will be your decision whether you want to accept that support.

We also accept referrals from secondary care mental health services for people who are transferring to primary care, where it is felt you could benefit from extra support to manage this transition. This should be with your agreement and ideally involving a joint meeting with both teams. The duration, reasons and the type of support you are getting should be clearly agreed with you and your GP, as part of the transfer plan.

You can talk to your GP about Primary Care Liaison and decide whether it is right for you.

How to contact Primary Care Liaison

Primary Care Liaison is delivered by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. To be referred to Primary Care Liaison please visit your GP.

Primary Care Liaison works across the locations below and can sometimes arrange to see you at your GP practice. For our list of eligible GP practices please click here.

Tel: 020 3317 4200

You could also write to Community Living Well at:

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