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August 2019 Peer Support Calendar


Community Living Well is delighted to publish the August 2019 Peer Support Calendar. Peer Support have a wide range of activities on offer this month for our members, with highlights including a trip to Buckingham Palace and a new men’s peer support group. All our groups are underpinned by the Five Ways to Wellbeing: Active, Connect, Give, Learn and Notice.

Even if you’re a regular member and already familiar with the details of the meet ups and activities, please have a read of this month’s calendar. Inside you will find information about the variety of Peer Support offers including; Social Support, Peer Support groups, One-to-One support and Living Well Workshops.

To attend a Peer Support group, you must be registered with Community Living Well Peer Support. To refer yourself please complete this quick online form or call 020 3317 4200.

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Author: Tamsin Cogan
Posted on: 18th June 2019

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